Professional Snow Removal Services in Edmonton: Why Your Business Needs Them

The winters of Edmonton, Alberta can be very grim; characterized by heavy snowfall, ice, sleet and other winter precipitation.   While a snow-covered landscape might appear picturesque, it can also create significant obstacles for commercial establishments. The businesses in the area face unique challenges when it comes to maintaining their commercial properties, especially their lawns in this frigid weather.  In addition to hindering accessibility and safety, snow and ice accumulation can have long-term effects on the appearance and health of lawns. This is where professional snow removal services come into the picture, enabling businesses to carry on their operations without any let-up. 

Commercial Snow Removal Edmonton

Commercial Snow Removal Services in Edmonton

In this article, we will examine the advantages of hiring these services for your commercial property in Edmonton and why your business needs them.

  • Expertise and Experience: Professional snow removal services have experienced personnel who understand the complexities of Edmonton’s winter weather. They are well aware of the best practices for snow and ice removal, including techniques to protect the lawn underneath. Their expertise makes sure that the job is done efficiently and effectively, reducing the risk of damage to your property.
  • Timely and Reliable Service: One of the primary advantages of professional snow removal services is their reliability. Edmonton’s winters are unpredictable, and snowfall can occur at any time. When you hire a professional service, they will provide timely snow removal services.  They will be on-call to clear your property promptly, even during the early hours of the morning, ensuring that your business operations are not disrupted.
  • Convenience: Professional snow removal companies use winter equipment like trucks, loaders, graders, plows and bobcats to clear away loads of snow and ice on lawns, parking lots, and sidewalks easily, and in much less time than doing it manually.  Some companies also use de-icing solutions to ensure that the approach to your place of business is safe and inviting.  This way, your business can continue running smoothly, irrespective of the weather outside. Hiring a professional to do the work for you can also save you time and energy.
  • Preventing Damage to Your Lawn: Snow and ice accumulation can have adverse effects on your lawn. The weight of accumulated snow can lead to compaction; this restricts air circulation and water absorption, harming the grass beneath. Leaving snow on certain shrubs, plants, and grass will make it difficult for them to thrive when spring comes.  Professional snow removal services use specialized equipment and techniques to clear snow without harming the underlying grass. This preservation of your lawn’s health is very important for maintaining a lush and green landscape when spring arrives.
  • Reducing Safety Risks: Snow-covered walkways, parking lots, and entrances can pose serious risks to employees, customers, and visitors.  Ensuring the safety of your employees, customers and visitors is a top priority for any business.  Timely snow removal helps to lessen the chances of winter-related accidents like slips and falls, which are a common occurrence during the winter months when sidewalks and parking lots become icy and treacherous. Professional snow removal services will not only clear snow and ice, but also apply de-icing materials to avoid hazardous conditions.  Timely removal of snow in winter by a professional company will reduce the risk of accidents and potential legal liabilities.
  • Compliance with Local Regulations: The Edmonton city bylaws make it mandatory to remove snow and ice – down to the bare surface – from public sidewalks bordering their private property within 24 hours of a – snowfall ending. Non-compliance with this regulation can result in fines and penalties. Professional snow removal services are well-versed with these local rules and will ensure that your property remains in compliance, saving you from any potential legal issues.
  • Aesthetics & Accessibility: A well-maintained and snow-free property presents a positive image to potential customers.  It presents an inviting appearance to anyone who visits your business premises. Snow removal is also absolutely necessary to provide safe winter conditions for the public.  Accumulation of snow and ice can make your property inaccessible, which can put off customers and disrupt your business operations. Professional snow removal services are equipped to clear parking lots, sidewalks, and other access points efficiently.  They will ensure that your walkways are clear and free of ice, the driveways are able to handle a continuous flow of cars and that your business remains open and accessible to your customers, clients and employees. no matter how much it snows all winter.
  • Cost-Effective in the Long Run: Hiring a professional snow removal service may seem expensive initially, but in the long run, it can prove to be cost-effective. The preservation of your lawn’s health and the prevention of accidents and legal issues can save you from expensive repairs and potential lawsuits.
  • Eco-Friendly Snow Removal Practices: Many professional snow removal services in Edmonton are committed to environmentally friendly practices.  They use environmentally responsible de-icing materials that are less harmful to the environment, making them a sustainable choice for businesses trying to reduce their carbon footprint. 
  • Peace of Mind: Running a business is stressful enough without the added worry of snow and ice removal. Hiring a professional service allows you to enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your property is in the hands of experts who will handle snow removal efficiently and effectively

In conclusion, the winters in Edmonton can be harsh.   It can become very challenging to cope with the snow accumulation and to keep your property safe and free of slipping hazards.  Professional snow removal services in Edmonton offer numerous advantages to businesses. By availing of their services, you can rest assured that your property will be safe, accessible and operational throughout the winter months.  In addition, you can keep your property looking great throughout the winter and into the spring too. While there may be a cost associated with hiring professionals, the long-term benefits far outweigh the expenses, making it a smart decision for businesses in Edmonton. So do not let the winter weather hinder your business; choose professional snow removal services to clear your lawns and the path ahead for your business success!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the fine for snow removal in Edmonton?

Edmonton imposes fines for inadequate snow removal, typically starting around $100. If your property isn’t cleared within the required timeframe after a snowfall, the city may issue a notice and eventually fine you. It’s crucial to adhere to municipal regulations to avoid penalties and ensure safety for the community.

How long do you have to clear snow in Edmonton?

In Edmonton, property owners must clear snow from public sidewalks adjacent to their property within 48 hours after the snowfall ends. This regulation ensures pedestrian safety by maintaining clear paths for walking and commuting. Failure to comply within this timeframe can result in penalties or fines from the city.

Is sand or salt better for snow?

Both sand and salt serve different purposes in snow management. Salt is effective in melting snow and ice, making it better for de-icing and preventing the formation of ice on surfaces. On the other hand, sand doesn’t melt ice but provides traction on slippery surfaces, enhancing safety. Often, a combination of both salt and sand can be utilized for optimal snow management, using salt to melt the ice and sand to improve traction on pathways.