Snow Removal

Experience premium service even during the worst winter snow storm! We offer residential snow removal in Spruce Grove and select neighbourhoods in West and Southwest Edmonton.

Recurring Snow Removal

Get peace of mind for the winter. Many of our clients enjoy not having to worry about any snow shoveling for the entire season. However, we also provide short term setups like holiday or out of town…

Properties are serviced during and/or after every snow fall. We do have a “zero inch policy” which means we will come every time your feet leave tracks on a hard surface. Response times are guaranteed within 48 hours of a snow event, often times we service even the same day and during a storm.

Our goal is to clear down to surface each time. Some packed snow/ice may remain but will be scraped off after the storm.

Rates are based on an equal flat rate per month for assigned services with unlimited visits (one visit per 24 hour period). The rate represents an average of the service for the whole service term and guarantees you a spot on our list and allows us to keep personnel on call to service your property as promised.

Our working hours are within each municipalities noise bylaws whether you’re in Spruce Grove or Edmonton.

One Time Snow Removal

Did you come home from your holiday vacation and your driveway got a two feet dump waiting to be shoveled…or do you have company coming over and the property is not safe to walk on? Whatever the specific reason may be we are here to help. Please keep in mind all one time arrangements will only be serviced after all recurring accounts are cleared.

Ice Control and Management

Our main goal is to keep your property safe. Because of that we incorporate ice control and management into our service packages.

Two service levels are offered

  • Basic: The home occupant can contribute with ice control to keep possible additional charges low. However, ice control is mandatory due to increasing freezing rain events as well as overall property and public sidewalk safety. In very select cases this policy may change with consent of both parties.
  • Premium: all-inclusive snow removal. Ice control handled by Euro Yard Service (excluding freeze and thaw ice, ice caused from pooling water, issues caused by eaves trough dripping, down spout runoff etc)

We highly recommend the popular premium all-inclusive package which gives you peace of mind but most importantly keeps all serviced areas safe for the entire winter.

Materials used can be ice melt (Yukon Gold, Alaskan Icemelter or Polar Plus), and buckshot (gravel). We do not use sand as it tracks indoor to easily. We also started using liquid calcium chloride. Other brands/applications may be used without notification. Each material has pro’s/con’s and use is determined by our best knowledge. We are not liable for any surface, plant and/or other property damage caused by ice control techniques. If needed, a consultation can be requested.

At this point we DO NOT provide snow removal for acreages in Parkland County or commercial properties.

Our Equipment

  • Single and Two stage snow blowers
  • Backpack blowers
  • Power Sweepers
  • Snow Shovels
  • Ice Chipper and scraper
  • Spreader for ice melt

The Edmonton Journal interviewed Rudi of Euro Yard Service in early 2014 on how to remove ice efficient and safe on city sidewalks. Please note we do NOT use rock salt as mistakenly mentioned in the video but only highly efficient and less harmful ice melt products.

How to get rid of snow and ice on your sidewalks; Video copyright Edmonton Journal

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