Lawn Mowing

Our weekly lawn mowing service is scheduled weekly from May – September up to 5 times per month, depending on weather and growing conditions and maintained at a height of 2.5 – 3.5 inches.

The final cut in October will be at 2 inches. String trimming is included and done in tight spaces, around trees, obstacles, fences etc to match height of lawn.

Whenever possible we mulch the clippings rather than bagging. That means the grass clippings will be chopped up into tiny particles before falling back onto the lawn. As they break down they will release their nutrients back into the lawn. This is free fertilizer! If bagging is required by conditions or requested by the client, we will leave clippings in an organic waste cart if applicable or in plastic bags and leave on site. Service plans are flatrate based and payable at beginning of each month or term.

Additional Features & Benefits

  • Clean hard surfaces after every visit
  • Crisp lawn edges along street curbs, city sidewalks and driveway
  • Easy, consistent and secure billing process
  • stunning curb appeal with directional cutting technique
  • Reliable scheduling with service delay notification
  • 24 hour service notification when required
  • Well maintained equipment & trained technicians
  • No surprises…we have a checklist for each property before leaving

Additional services (may result in add on charge)

  • Excessive trash/cigarette butts pickup
  • Apples/fruit/pine cone pickup
  • Pooper scooper (dog waste cleanup)
  • Lawn clipping bagging and disposal
  • Fertilizer application (100% organic fertilizer available)

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