FREE delivery  on our firewood for sale to addresses in Spruce Grove and Edmonton Postal Codes T5T, T6M and T6R. If you reside in Parkland County please contact for delivery availability.

We understand that there is nothing quite like the magic of a cozy fire, whether it’s on your next camping trip, in your backyard, or in front of your fireplace. That’s why we offer a range of firewood options to suit your needs.

Bagged and Bulk Firewood

bagged firewoodbulk firewood

Our firewood is available in convenient 1 cubic foot mesh bags, or in bulk ⅓ cord quantities which measures a row of 4ft x 8ft x 16” when stacked. All pieces are cut to 16 inches in length and have a moisture content of 20% or less to ensure they are ready to burn. No more frustrating smoky and smoldering fires – just enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a clean-burning fire. Bagged wood is bark-free to save you from a messy cleanup of loose bark chips and other unwanted debris. Each bag also comes with two pouches of firestarter for your convenience.

For your convenience, we offer FREE delivery of all of our firewood for sale right to your doorstep. No need to worry about driving and picking up your wood from a wood yard – we bring it straight to you.

Tamarack/Spruce/Pine Mix

tamarack firewood

Tamarack, Spruce, and Pine are three types of firewood that each have their own unique qualities. Tamarack burns for a long time with a high amount of heat and produces a medium amount of ash, along with sparks, crackles, and pops. Spruce burns quickly with low to medium heat and produces medium amounts of ash, as well as a pleasant fragrance and sparks, crackles, and pops. Pine burns quickly with low to medium heat and produces medium amounts of ash, along with a pleasant fragrance and sparks, crackles, and pops. All three types of firewood are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and have good burning characteristics and pleasant aromas. This Mix has an average BTU of 18.7.

Hardwood Mix

hardwood firewoodBirch, Cherry, Maple, and Ash are four types of hardwood that are popular for their good burning characteristics, attractive appearance, and pleasant aroma. Birch burns quickly with a moderate amount of heat and produces little smoke. Cherry burns slowly with a moderate amount of heat and produces a small amount of smoke. Maple is available in both hard and soft varieties, with hard maple burning slowly with a high amount of heat and soft maple burning more quickly with a moderate amount of heat. Ash has a high density and burns slowly with a high amount of heat, producing a moderate amount of smoke. All four species are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and are often used in wood-fired ovens and grills due to their ability to impart flavor to food. This mix has an average BTU of 19.7.

Aspen/Poplar Mix

aspen firewood

Aspen and Poplar are two types of firewood that are often overlooked in favor of more traditional options like Tamarack or Birch. However, these species have their own unique characteristics that make them worth considering for your next fire with an average BTU of 17.

Aspen firewood burns quickly with a moderate amount of heat and produces little smoke, making it a good choice for indoor use. It also has a pleasant aroma and creates a beautiful, flickering flame. Poplar burns longer and produces more heat. Poplar firewood also produces little smoke, making it suitable for indoor use. However, it has a less appealing fragrance compared to Aspen and may create a larger amount of sparks.

Overall, Aspen and Poplar are decent choices for firewood, particularly if you prefer a quick-burning, low-smoke fire. They may not be as long-lasting or as aromatic as some other species which makes it a more economical option.

Wood for Miniature Stoves

Wood for miniature stoves

And for those who love the ingenuity of miniature stoves like the Solo Stove, we have a special offer just for you. We recommend our hardwood mix and it comes in a 1 cubic foot mesh bag with pieces cut to 10-12 inches length to fit most mini-stove models on the market. The wood mix may contain a variety of hardwoods such as Birch, Cherry, Maple, and Ash to give you a longer and more enjoyable experience with your portable firepit. If you’d like this option with a different wood type, just let us know. Two pouches of firestarter are included.

Grizzly Torches

swedish torch

A “Grizzly Torch” is our variation of the so called Swedish torch. It’s a singular log with vertical slits that is used to create a self-contained fire. It was originally developed centuries ago by the Swedish army as a way to provide heat and light when there was a lack of firewood. The vertical cuts in the log allow for ventilation, which keeps the fire going and allows it to burn from the inside out, making it highly efficient and requiring very little maintenance. It is also a practical tool for outdoor cooking and can be used year-round, even on wet ground. But because of it’s captivating appearance of the burning log it’s mostly used for recreational purposes and events like BBQ’s, backyard parties, birthdays, family gatherings and weddings as well. Each log comes with a pouch of firestarter.

We recommend that you store your firewood off the ground and sheltered from any rain and snow.

Thank you for considering us for your firewood needs. We look forward to bringing the magic of a cozy fire to you!


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