Lawn Renovation

Some lawns thin out after a few years showing bare soil or patchy lawns, requiring a lawn renovation or the need of a complete new install.

Lawn Renovation and Topdressing

Over time a lawn may become thin or has a high percentage of weeds. Here it’s a good idea to topdress and overseed. Topdressing is the spreading of  a thin layer  of either topsoil or a compost mix onto the lawn. It’s raked in and barely noticeable.

An option is a process called slit seeding. No additional soil is needed and the seeds are dropped into cut furrows…all in one step.

Best time for lawn makeovers is August to early September. If you don’t have an in-ground irrigation system we setup a mobile and fully timer scheduled watering system for a period of about 4 weeks. This improves the odds of actually seeing the new grass grow. Who likes to waste money?

Core Aeration is a suggested add-on with lawn renovation.

Topdressing can also be done without overseeding. A compost application just before winter will help to improve the soil system. A thin layer of professionally mixed soil blend is raked into the lawn. We have seen lawns coming out of a long winter with a deep green colour just because of the topdressing. It is literally a super fertilizer giving your lawn a long lasting boost without depleting the soil.

Benefits of Topdressing and Overseeding a Lawn

  • Smoothing the lawn surface
  • Helps control thatch
  • Improves the soil
  • Improves drainage over time with repeated applications
  • Helps in renovating or overseeding
  • Protects the grass over winter
  • Keeps lawn thick
  • Helps prevent lawn disease

New Lawn Installation/Sodding

If patience is not your game and you want instant lawn, Sodding is what you’re looking for. Sometimes an old lawn needs to be taken out first. We do both: take out old lawn and install new sod using only locally grown turf. Currently we limit our projects to up to 1,000 sqft.

Lawn Watering

Our lawns in the Edmonton area need about 1-1.5 inches of water per week to stay lush and green throughout the summer. Many of our clients do have an in-ground irrigation system to water their lawns and enjoy lush and green lawns all summer. If you don’t have such a system you don’t have to give up on a lawn that is the best looking on the block. We can install either a temporary, above ground setup or an in-ground impact sprinkler (no trenching required). Both are fully timer scheduled solutions and connect to your regular outdoor water tap…No more stress, wasted time and water.

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