Lawn Renovation

Some lawns thin out as they age, showing bare soil or patchy spots. Damages from lack of water or dogs are also high on the list.  The requirement of a lawn renovation or repair or the need of a complete new install is determined upon an in-person consultation discussing all options that fit your specific situation and budget. All renovation options include a very low initial lawn cut to help with the following steps as well as “buying” time before the next cut is needed. A time window of 6-8 weeks is adequate for a lawn renovation.

Options for a successful Lawn Renovation

1. Topdressing and Overseeding

This method is highly effective for improving soil health and introducing new grass varieties to your lawn. It begins with an optional but highly recommended core aeration with the removal of soil plugs, making the distribution of topdressing material easier. This method is very labor-intensive but offers excellent results, particularly for leveling uneven lawns.


  • Aeration First: We recommend aeration before topdressing to ensure better soil amendment distribution.
  • Soil Amendment: Application of up to ¼ inch of a professionally blended premium garden mix to enrich the soil. This amount is barely noticeable and not intended to address leveling uneven lawns. In that case more soil is needed.
  • Distribution: We utilize specialized machinery, or manual techniques with shovels and rakes, to evenly distribute the topdressing material.
  • Overseeding: Following topdressing, we overseed the lawn to introduce common new grass varieties. (Specific seed varieties are depending on sun exposure, and amounts of foot traffic)

Topdressing can also be done without overseeding. A compost application just before winter will help to improve the soil system. We have seen lawns coming out of a long winter with a deep green colour just because of the topdressing. It is literally a super fertilizer giving your lawn a long lasting boost without depleting the soil.

2. Slit Seeding

Slit seeding is the cleanest and most efficient way to overseed your lawn without the need for additional topdressing material. Our specialized Slit Seeder machine cuts precise grooves in your lawn, dropping seeds directly into the soil for optimal seed-to-soil contact.


  • No Topdressing Required: Direct seeding into the lawn without additional soil amendments.
  • Dual Pass Technique: We make two passes with the Slit Seeder, ideally in perpendicular directions, depending on the lawn layout.
  • Debris Removal: Post-seeding, we clean up any debris to leave your lawn looking neat.

3. Aeration and Overseeding

Our most cost-effective option, aeration and overseeding, enhances soil health and promotes dense, vibrant grass growth. This process involves multiple aeration passes to create the perfect environment for seed germination.


  • Triple Aeration: We aerate the lawn three times to maximize soil plug removal, enhancing seed-to-soil contact.
  • Seed Application: Seeds are applied between aeration passes to ensure deep soil penetration and optimal germination conditions.
  • Natural Process: The soil plugs left on the lawn naturally break down, providing a medium for the seeds to grow.


  • Curb Appeal: Initially, the presence of soil plugs may not be aesthetically pleasing, but this is temporary as they contribute to the lawn’s rejuvenation.
  • Weather Dependency: Aeration is most effective when the ground is soft, hence scheduling is ideal after a soaking rain.

Best time for lawn makeovers is August to early September as weeds and intense heat are less of an issue. If you don’t have an in-ground irrigation system we can setup a mobile and fully timer scheduled watering system for a period of about 4-6 weeks. This improves the odds of actually seeing new grass grow significantly. If you count on Mother Nature to provide sufficient moisture during the entire germination process you may get disappointed. Who likes to waste money?

To help with moisture retention and reducing the risk of potential seed wash-off with heavy downpours we recommend the application of a tackifier, which is a powder that will form a glue-like film to lock the seeds into place until germination.

New Lawn Installation/Sodding

If patience is not your game and you want instant lawn, Sodding is what you’re looking for. Sometimes an old lawn needs to be taken out first. We do both: take out old lawn and install new sod using only locally grown turf. Currently we limit our projects to up to 1,000 sqft.

Lawn Watering

Our lawns in the Edmonton area need about 1-1.5 inches of water per week to stay lush and green throughout the summer. Many of our clients do have an in-ground irrigation system to water their lawns and enjoy lush and green lawns all summer. If you don’t have such a system you don’t have to give up on a lawn that is the best looking on the block. We can install either a temporary, above ground setup or an in-ground impact sprinkler (no trenching required). Both are fully timer scheduled solutions and connect to your regular outdoor water tap…No more stress, wasted time and water.

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