About us

Rudi, the owner and founder of Euro Yard Service, grew up as the youngest of six in the heart of Germany. Early on he was in charge of mowing the lawn and other duties around the acreage. After high school, apprenticing in framing, roofing and carpentry he got his Bachelor of Engineering.

In 2001/2002 Rudi traveled around New Zealand and Malaysia, mostly on his bicycle. Back in Germany he saw the opportunity moving to Alberta where he arrived in summer 2004. One sunny afternoon, while sitting on a friends deck, a landscape company was driving down the road and made a huge impression. This was the moment sparking the idea of creating a maintenance company known for their pursue of excellence.

It took three years until the concept came to life. Beginning the journey in 2007 with starting Artistic LawnCare it became clear to attract more than just lawn services. The company was then re-named to Euro Yard Service in 2009.