We offer a wide range of professional lawn and yard services to help you maintain a great looking property year-round. Whether you need regular lawn mowing, spring and fall cleanups, core aeration, power raking and de-thatching, trimming and edging, lawn renovation and sodding, or fertilizing, we have you covered. In addition, we also provide yard maintenance services such as bed mulching, shrub and hedge trimming, small tree jobs, eavestroughs and gutter cleaning, and junk removal. During the winter months, we offer snow and ice management services to take the hassle out of shoveling and scraping. Looking to enjoy a cozy time at a backyard fire or snuggling up in front of a fireplace? We’ve got a variety of wood that suits most people’s needs.

Lawn Services

Lawn Mowing

Whether you need a one time service or regular maintenance for the season, we can accommodate. Whenever appropriate we recommend mulch mowing. The tiny clippings left behind won’t be an eye sore but a natural fertilizer instead. It also reduces waste going to the dump. Most common is a weekly service. Custom schedules can be arranged.

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Spring & Fall Cleanup

Give your yard a head start with a professional yard cleanup in the spring or fall. Whether it’s just a simple leaf cleanup or the full meal deal with power raking, aerating, power lawn edging, and fertilizing…no job is too big or small. And YES, we do sterilize all equipment before we go into the next yard. This way you do not have to worry about pesky fairy rings or any other intruder.

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Core Aeration

Aeration is recommended in late September but commonly combined with a spring cleanup in most cases. It improves the oxygen level and compaction of the soil system. If combined with power raking we will aerate before power raking. The soil plugs will remain on the lawn and will break down quickly. If requested we can rake them up and dispose. Aeration is most beneficial with a moist soil. If it’s too dry, the soil is too hard for the cores to penetrate the ground. You will also need to have your sprinkler heads flagged prior to this service.

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Power Raking & De-Thatching

This application is meant to reduce the thatch in your lawn which is a layer of dead organic material. A thatch layer of up to 0.5 inches is actually needed to keep your lawn in good shape as it will help protecting the grass roots from direct sunlight. The power rake will not reach into every corner of your lawn that’s why we hand rake those areas with a special de-thatching rake. For full benefits the grass should be fairly dry. To protect your sprinkler heads you will be asked to have them marked with flags.

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Trimming & Edging

To give your property this cutting edge, crisp look we will power trim all edges and for lawn mowers hard to reach areas if needed. Some lawns tend to overgrow edges of sidewalks or driveways with time. A power edging service will make your property stand out again.

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Lawn Renovation & Sodding

Some lawns grow thin after a few years and it’s a good idea to top dress and overseed. A compost application just before winter will also help to improve the soil system. These projects may not show instant improvement but will keep your lawn looking healthy over the years. Small complete lawn makeovers with sodding work up to 1,000 sqft. can be arranged. All sod is grown locally.

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Most used application is granular slow release fertilizer applied in Spring and Fall or as per request. A soil system test is strongly recommended in order to determine the need of fertilizer. The use of synthetic fertilizer will only boost the grass itself and not improve the soil and has many other effects on our eco system. If your lawn grows on bad soil it will only look good as long as you keep feeding it thus becoming dependent on fertilizer.

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Yard Maintenance Services

Landscape Beds

Protect your trees and get neat flowerbeds. We can help you giving your property that super clean and neat look everyone envies. You can choose from a wide variety of bark chips or rocks. If you need advise we are there to guide you and give feedback.

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Shrub & Hedge Trimming, Small Tree Jobs

From taking down smaller trees, minor tree pruning jobs, stump grinding, bush, shrub and hedge trimming. By request we can refer to a certified arborist.

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Junk Removal (small amounts)

Sometimes we end up having stuff we no longer need or a renter moves out leaving personal belongings behind. Whatever it might be…we would love assisting you getting rid of junk. This is a service on a rather smaller level but we may assist finding someone dealing with bigger projects.

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Snow & Ice Management

With a long winter here in Spruce Grove and Edmonton you may want to consider booking our professional snow removal program. This takes the dealing with shoveling and driveway scraping on a cold morning away. No more backbreaking lifting of heavy snow and worrying about who’s going to shovel when you’re on a vacation or even a short weekend trip. It’s nice to have kind neighbours offering you a hand…but you don’t want to stress their kindness too much.

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Looking to enjoy a nice fire? We offer tamarack, hardwood, and aspen mix in bagged or bulk quantities, with free delivery to your door. Our firewood is carefully selected and cut to the perfect size for easy use in your fireplace, wood stove, or outdoor fire pit.

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