Trees & Shrub Trimming

Healthy trees and maintained contours of hedges and shrubs are as important for good looks as your manicured lawn is. Unfortunately many homeowners neglect regular pruning and only think about tree services after a tree fall down or branches break off. Even small shrubs benefit greatly from periodic trimming to keep eye pleasing shape and promote dense foliage.

Unfortunately we have a common tree disease called Black Knot which looks like a burned marshmallows on a branch. This airborne fungus is very aggressive, unsightly and needs to be cut out every time it appears or the hosting tree might die.

Features & Benefits

  • Cleanup debris after service
  • No “hack job”…you tell us how you like it (you look at it every day)
  • Professional grade tools (cheap tools can cause damage on tree)
  • 8+ Years of experience with many happy clients
  • Sterilized tools to minimize cross contamination between cuts

Available Services

  • Tree pruning
  • Tree felling and disposal
  • Bush/Shrub and Hedge trimming
  • Stump grinding (subcontracted or referred)

For bigger tree projects we will refer you to an arborist service.

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