Best Residential Snow Removal Companies in Spruce Grove, Alberta in 2023/24

At Euro Yard Service, we annually consult with hundreds of Spruce Grove homeowners about their snow removal needs. Acknowledging our website’s insights into snow removal, many ask about other local service providers. We believe in honest referrals to other reputable companies and aim to keep our clients well-informed. Below is a list of some notable Spruce Grove snow removal companies known for their reliable residential services in the area.

  1. NR Property Services Inc.: Boasting a 5.0 rating from 13 Google Reviews, NR Property Services Inc. provides residential and emergency snow removal in Spruce Grove and Stony Plain, starting at $165/month. Services are prompt, with additional fees for special conditions, and discounts for neighboring sign-ups.
  2. Hofkin Home and Yard Services: A family-owned business, highly rated with a 4.9 Google score from 18 reviews, offering snow shoveling services in Spruce Grove.
  3. L&H Contracting: Established in 2011, L&H Contracting delivers expert snow removal and landscaping services, evidenced by a perfect 5.0 Google rating from 7 reviews.
  4. Green Grass Lawn Mowing: A budding company led by a young entrepreneur, Alex, providing lawn care and snow removal services with a strong initial impression of a 5.0 Google rating from 4 reviews.

Explore Spruce Grove’s top snow removal services: NR Property Services Inc. offers timely and efficient service, highly rated on Google. Hofkin Home and Yard Services, a family-owned business, is praised for its snow shoveling expertise. L&H Contracting, established in 2011, provides experienced snow clearance and landscaping. Green Grass Lawn Mowing, led by a young entrepreneur, delivers quality lawn and snow services, already earning excellent reviews. These four companies are excellent choices for your winter snow removal needs in Spruce Grove.

There may be some companies outside Spruce Grove which provide snow removal services as well. Feel free to do your own research to find a solution that works for your specific needs.

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