Best Firewood Suppliers in Spruce Grove, Alberta in 2024

If you’re in Spruce Grove, Alberta, and looking for the best quality firewood supplier, you have several excellent options to choose from. Here’s an overview of some of the best firewood suppliers in the area:

The Black Dirt Company

Introduction: The Black Dirt Company is a staple of landscaping supplies in the Spruce Grove area and stands out for its variety in firewood options. They offer Birch, Spruce/Pine, and Tamarack, each catering to different burning preferences.

Review: With options ranging from $10 to $12 per bag and $280 to $310 per 1/2 cord pallet, they are well-suited for both small-scale and bulk purchases. Quantity discounts for 5 or more bags. The volume size of bags is not listed. Product can be picked up on-site or delivered. Currently listed with a 4.5 rating on Google which includes reviews about all of their landscaping supplies, not just firewood. Unfortunately there is no info about the sourcing of firewood as well as seasoning process. No online checkout.

Woodman Firewood

Introduction: Since 1981, they have been a reliable source for firewood for Spruce Grove residents.

Review: Woodman Firewood offers a range of firewood choices, each suited for different burning needs. They provide Birch, Tamarack, Spruce/Pine, and White Poplar (when available). Their pricing is per cubic meter, ensuring clear and fair quantity measurement. Pricing per 1st cubic meter delivered ranges from $225 to $299 with a multiple cubic meter discount. Woodman Firewood emphasizes customer satisfaction, providing a guarantee on their seasoned wood, clean loading, and accurate quantity. They offer delivery services, or self-serve pickup ensuring convenience for customers. Stacking services for deliveries can also be arranged. On availability orders include complimentary kindling. Their website is very easy to navigate with simple and fast order checkout. A 4.6 star Google rating makes this a safe choice.

Wood N Smoke

Introduction: Wood N Smoke, an extension of Downunder Landscaping, is passionate about barbecuing and outdoor cooking. Offering a variety of firewood including Birch, Spruce/Pine mix, and Tamarack, Wood N Smoke also provides BBQ sauces, rubs, and smoker pellets.

Review: Their diverse range of products, from firewood to BBQ essentials, makes them a one-stop shop for outdoor cooking enthusiasts. The variety in firewood types caters to different preferences for indoor and outdoor fires. Choose from Birch, Tamarack, Spruce/Pine. Prices range from $8 to $12 for 2 cubic feet bags and up to $600 for full cord bulk purchases. They also provide discounted off-cuts. Delivery is available but will be charged additionally. Online checkout. Solid 5.0 Google rating.

Bulldogg Firewood

Introduction: Bulldogg Firewood is known for its seasoned firewood, providing both self-load and delivery options. They cater to a wide area including Spruce Grove.

Review: Their flexibility in service, offering both pickup and delivery, is a significant advantage for customers with varying needs. The range of wood types like Spruce/Pine, Tamarack, and Poplar caters to diverse burning preferences. However, wood type inventory may change. Prices starting from around C$8.58 for small bags. They also offer larger quantities such as 1/4, 1/2, and full cords, with self-load and delivery options, priced differently depending on the size and type of wood. Their inventory includes kindling and chopping blocks as well. 5.0 Google rating from 1 review. Online checkout available.

The Firewood Farm

Introduction: The Firewood Farm Inc., now under new management, specializes in quality firewood, lumber, and live edge slabs. Their offerings include pre-cut and split firewood, with custom orders available for unique lumber and slabs. Located in Onoway, Alberta.

Review: Their selection includes Split Pine and Split Tamarack, available in different quantities such as totes, half cords, and full cords. Prices range from $120 for a Split Pine Tote to $550 for a full Cord of Tamarack. They also offer a Splitting Block for $25 and Firewood Processor Wood Shavings for $60. They also provide delivery services. Easy online checkout and a fantastic 4.8 Google rating.


Each of these suppliers offers unique services and products, catering to a variety of customer needs. Whether you’re looking for a specific type of wood, require delivery, or prefer to pick up your firewood, these suppliers have options to suit your requirements. Before you place an order make yourself familiar with the different characteristics of wood types as well as order volumes. A true cord/cubic meter or fractions thereof is only achieved when neatly stacked. Also ask if there’s a refund policy in case the wood does not meet your standards.

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