6 Pro Tips for the best Lawn Spring Cleanup in Spruce Grove

Spring And Fall Lawn Clean Up

I’m excited to share 6 Pro Tips for the best Lawn Spring Cleanup in Spruce Grove. The debut of the warm season is always a reason for joy and enthusiasm, especially for home owners who can’t wait to show off their beautiful lawn. But in order to get yours into tip top shape for the upcoming spring and summer days, there’s a few preparations you need to complete. Only then you give your lawn the best start possible. We’ve worked on hundreds of lawns in Spruce Grove over the past few years. This is tried, tested and true. So here are six easy steps you need to take:


1. Lightly Rake

You can start by giving your lawn a light rake to free it of winter debris and to lift up the brown old grass so the sun can properly dry it and reach the soil underneath. This will also take off any leaves that were left behind from the fall. You can do this as soon as the last snow is melted. The following procedures are only to be done after the ground has thawed out completely. This way you make sure you get the best spring cleanup in Spruce Grove.


2. Aerate – Punching Holes in your Lawn

If you live in Alberta, you’ve probably noticed how impressively beautiful some of the lawns in Spruce Grove can look like… and you’ve always wondered: WHY? The secret is aerating…a heavy machine punching holes into your lawn! This technique allows water and nutrients to better penetrate the soil’s layers and stimulates the root growth, so it prepares your soil for sprouting a truly vigorous lawn. We also get many questions on if the pulled soil plugs should be raked up or not. Ideally they’re meant to be left on the lawn to break down over the next few weeks and return into the soil system. On the other hand if you have kids and dogs playing in the yard things might get messy. Especially after a good soaking spring rain.


3. De-thatch – Pulling out excessive organic matter

Dethatching is also commonly called power raking and is a vital component for a spring cleanup in Spruce Grove. The only way you’ll get your lawn’s growth kick-started is to get rid of all that dead organic build-up first. A thatch layer more than 1/2 inch thickness needs to be removed if you want your soil to taste the sunlight and the nutrients you have in store for it…plus the water can freely drain into the soil rather than just run off. The loose layer of thatch needs to be raked up immediately after power raking to prevent suffocation of the lawn.


4. First Lawn Cut

The first cut after the winter will help sucking up debris as well as loose thatch left behind from dethatching earlier. Typically we recommend a lawn mower cutting height of 2 to 2.5 inches. This way you will jump start the lawn’s regeneration and stimulate new growth. For the following cuts, never mow more than one third of the total grass height. Most lawns in Spruce Grove do best when maintained at a height of 3 to 3.5 inches throughout the summer. Make sure to start the season with a sharp mower blade. A sharp blade will cut your lawn with a clean cut rather than ripping it off which could lead to brown lawn tips and also makes it vulnerable to diseases and stress.


5. Edging Your Lawn is part of a proper Spring Cleanup in Spruce Grove

Nothing gives your lawn a cleaner manicured appearance and dramatically increased curb appeal than to edge your lawn along driveways and sidewalks. Especially if you haven’t edged it in a while! You will be stunned about the immediate change in look of your property. If you’re planning to sell your house this spring make sure to edge your lawn. It will make your property literally “POP” in contrast to your neighbours. This adds incredible value to your landscape without spending a ton of money. You can do this with a hand edger or rent a power tool with a spinning blade.


6. Now It’s Time to Fertilize

After clearing up the lawn and soil, it’s the perfect time to apply a high quality, slow release, fertilizer. It can freely be absorbed into the soil now as no excessive thatch layer will block it off. The soil can now convert the added nutrients to grow a strong turf. Speak to your lawn maintenance company about what the best options for your lawn are and decide together which product to apply and where. Only a soil test will tell you exactly about your soils quality to grow thick, lush and green lawn. A test will also reveal what nutrients you need to add specifically so you don’t waste money on products not needed.

If you have kids or pets, or you simply want to make your lawn and soil healthy as well as providing a safe environment you may want to consider using a true organic fertilizer.

Alright, there you go. Those are my six tips for a proper lawn spring cleanup in Spruce Grove, one that will make your neighbours jealous.

Can I do a Spring Cleanup in Spruce Grove myself?

Of course…You can do all these steps yourself. Go get all the needed power tools from a local equipment rental, haul them home, and then figuring out on how to operate them. Let me tell you…some of those machines are extremely heavy and cumbersome to manoeuvre around your yard. Also there’s the potential to seriously injure yourself or to totally rip up and destroy your lawn.

If you want to spare yourself from disaster and a ruined weekend I strongly suggest you find a reputable, local Spruce Grove lawn care company. They provide you with the best possible results on your lawn spring cleanup. They will also guarantee their work to give you total peace of mind.

If you live in Spruce Grove and want to work with my team to make sure your lawn looks its best, I actually have a couple of openings left for this season. Make sure you call me now before it’s too late and I’m booked up. This happens every spring. Visit https://www.euroyardservice.com/services/spring-and-fall-cleanup/ and feel free to call me at (780) 218-8134 or email me at info@EuroYardService.com. I would love to see if you will be a good fit for my team.

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