5 Tips to a Lush Green Lawn in Edmonton and Spruce Grove

Are you tired of your lawn never looking as good as your neighbour’s? Hey, it’s Rudi. In this video, I’m going to give you five tips so you can get a lush green lawn and become the enemy of your neighbourhood. A beautiful green lawn is a trophy you get to admire every day. With these simple tricks, you can improve the look and health of your lawn with ease. I do want to let you know that I may use some unfamiliar terms or numbers in this video, but please, don’t be intimidated by them. Just know that I’ve got you covered as I’ve worked on hundreds of lawns in Edmonton and Spruce Grove over the past few years. This is tried, tested and true. Let’s get to it.


Sharp Mower Blades

Tip number one for getting a lush green lawn is related to mowing your lawn. You want to keep your mower blades sharp and you want to stick to the one-third rule. If you don’t remember the last time sharpening your lawnmower blade, it’s probably time you do so. The reason you will want to have sharp blades is that dull blades tear the grass and create bad conditions that allow diseases to creep in. I personally sharpen my mower blades after every eight to 12 hours of mowing time with a consistent angle of 30 degrees. To sharpen your blade, you will need to take it off your mower. You can use a hand file, angle grinder or bench grinder. Or if you don’t have any of those tools or just you don’t want to do it yourself, you can contact your local lawn equipment dealer to have it done for you. Also make sure you are cutting your lawn often and that you are not taking off too much grass at once. This is where the one-third rule comes into play. In order to get the perfect height for a maintained lawn in our Edmonton area where there’s about three to three and a half inches, this would mean your lawn should be about five inches tall when you’re about to start cutting it.

Organic Fertilizer

The second tip is to feed your lawn with organic fertilizer. Every living and breathing thing needs food. Your lawn is included. The reason I recommend fertilizing with an organic fertilizer is because it ensures the best growth and root development for your grass. You also want to go easy on the fertilizer, as nitrogen, the most abundant nutrient in lawn fertilizer promotes colour and growth. Too much nitrogen or using quick release synthetic fertilizers will result in quicker growth and the need for more mowing, which means more work for you. Right? Too much nitrogen can also weaken the grass, alter the soil’s pH level and promote disease, insect and thatch buildup. With an early spring and fall application of organic fertilization, your lawn gets most of the nutrients it needs. You can even have your soil tested to ensure you are using the right fertilizer to improve your soil. This leads us to tip number three, which is easier done than it may sound.

Core Aeration

This tip is called aeration. Aeration is punching the lawn with small holes that allow air, water and nutrients to penetrate down to the roots. Just like any other life form, if your grass can’t breathe, it will die. Have your lawn aerated once per year and leave the plugs of soil that are pulled out on your lawn. These plugs will break down over time and return into the ground. One thing I really like to do when I aerate a lawn is to also add a compost application. If you’re aerating in the fall or springtime, spread up to one-quarter inch layer of compost over your lawn after you have aerated. Compost works wonders. It increases water retention, improves the overall soil structure, stimulates microbial activity, breaks down thatch and neutralizes the soil’s pH. Wow! That was a mouthful. Trust me, though. It’s the best thing you can do for your lawn and you’re well on your way getting a lush green lawn. Let’s get to tip number four.

Spring Cleanup

This is that you do a proper spring cleanup. Our lawns take a beating during our long winters. You may not realize it, but there’s a lot debris, old and dead organic matter sitting on your lawn. This can prevent your lawn from getting the sun and water it needs. If there are leaves leftover from before, now is the time to rake them up. As soon as the snow is gone, take them off your lawn or else your grass will get smothered and killed. After removing debris or leaves, you need to either hand rake the lawn vigorously or take out the dead stuff with a power rake. Not only does debris block sunlight. It can also dull the blade on your mower.

No lush green lawn without regular watering

Lastly is tip number five and that is to water your lawn properly. Watering your lawn sounds obvious but a lot of homeowners overlook this step and expect mother nature to take care of it for them. You can buy a simple tool called a rain gauge at your local hardware store. It looks like this and shouldn’t cost you more than about 20 bucks. You will use it to keep track of how much water your yard is receiving from rainfall and supplement with an irrigation system or timed sprinklers. I’m actually working on a video right now that goes into more detail on how to properly water your lawn. Keep an eye out for it so you can make sure you’re watering your lawn the right way.


There you go. Those are my five tips for creating a lush green lawn, one that will make your neighbours jealous. If you live in Spruce Grove or certain parts of Edmonton and want to work with my team to make sure your lawn looks its best, I actually have a couple of openings left for this season. Make sure you call me now before it’s too late and I’m booked up. This happens every season. Feel free to call me at (780) 218-8134 or email me at info@EuroYardService.com. I would love to see if you will be a good fit for my team.


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