COVID-19 Statement

This is a difficult and unprecedented time, and all modifications will comply with government authority. In all we do, we vow to keep our clients, colleagues, vendors, and the public safe, while continuing our mission of serving well – especially at this most difficult time, when so many lives have been upended and even the most basic parts of each day feel unpredictable.

To our clients: we love serving you. We are honored to be your chosen provider. We know that for many of you, especially the elderly, our regular service is a point of security for you and your home – and even more so now, as our field teams will observe that your home seems to be in order (and that you seem to be well inside).

Our hearts are with everyone, as we are all impacted by this global pandemic. We are immensely thankful for all medical personnel going above and beyond, as well as everyone else working in essential businesses as we move forward. Thank you for your bravery, sacrifices, and commitment.

Lastly, to our friends in small business: we see you; we are you. We are here in this devastating time with you. You’re not alone. We are in this together, and we will overcome this challenging time.

Euro Yard Service is part of the critical infrastructure engaged in providing necessary services to the communities we serve. This includes all services needed to maintain the safety, sanitation and essential operation of residences. Crime rates are increased in areas where properties are not maintained. Landscape maintenance plays a critical role in boosting morale and mental health during a difficult time for our Nation. Without landscape services fields, parks, businesses, and homes will become overgrown and unkept, which can have dramatic psychological effects on the mental wellbeing of our communities. With the growing concern around COVID-19 we want to ensure everyone that we are taking the necessary steps to assure the safety of our clients, employees, vendors and the general public. We have been closely monitoring the situation and have been enacting guidelines set by our local government to ensure the safety of our operations.

We are writing to assure you that we remain open to serve our clients’ properties and we are taking necessary precautions to limit exposure to COVID-19. Maintaining the health and wellbeing of you and your property is essential to us. Your property still needs maintenance, lawns will need to be cut…even during times of “social distancing.”

Currently, lawn and landscape maintenance is considered “essential service” during the public health emergency.

The following message addresses our continued operations with modifications during the COVID-19 pandemic (measures may be adjusted as required).

Here are just some of the things we are doing to give you peace of mind:

  • Sanitizing our equipment, tools and trucks and office environment to protect you and our crews
  • Keeping crews small to minimize chances of cross-crew contagion
  • Practice “social distancing” between team members and other encounters with people by keeping a minimum 6ft distance
  • Providing quality service independently without interacting with you in person
  • Estimating, scheduling, invoicing and communicating with you online or by phone
  • Working remotely at home allows our office members to maintain your quality service without interruption
  • Crew members travel in separate vehicles to job sites to reduce exposure and keeping them healthy
  • Holding outdoor meetings allowing for ample space between crew members and job applicants

Spring is a critical time of year for our industry due to the abundance of growth in the spring that requires prompt maintenance and care. Any halt or delay in landscape services during this time of the year only magnifies potential safety problems and become much more difficult to maintain later in the year. We must continue to provide these essential services in a safe, timely and effective manner.

Thank you for your continued support. We remain confident in the resilience of the great people in our community.


Rudi Roeder, Founder & Owner of Euro Yard Service, (780) 218-8134