“When we bought our house in the spring time, we had no idea how bad our lawn was going to be. The previous owners had let every type of weed grow everywhere, grass go unmowed, and dead spots go un-repaired. New to lawn care, we had no idea how to even start on such a seemingly insurmountable task. After trying different weed killers and seeding, I decided to call Rudi. He gave me two options on how to best fix my lawn depending on our wants and needs. We decided on the option of topdressing with compost and topseeding.

Then he set to work and within a few short months, our lawn was transformed. I can not believe how good our lawn looks now! He is fast and efficient and his work speaks for itself. I would recommend him to anyone in need of any type of yard maintenance.”

Angela and Trey Das


Euro Yard Service has cut my grass for the past two years, put in sod, shoveled snow, worked my garden and aerated my lawn.

Euro Yard Service does a great job. They do business in a professional way and the owner is a gentlemen.

I would recommend Euro Yard Service to anyone.

Jean Gruending

Stony Plain

When we learned that our second baby was due to arrive in the middle of July. I immediately got concerned about our yard work. My husband and I usually take care of our yard ourselves but were concerned that with the duties of a new baby and a three year old that it would quickly become overwhelming.

I began phoning yard service companies in early June only to be told that they were completely booked up for the season or that they did not service residential properties. I found Rudi and Euro Yard Services from a Google search on the internet and phoned for an estimate. I was relieved to hear that not only was he available to attend to our residential property but he could start right away on a month contractual basis. As I was very pregnant and my husband was working quite a bit of overtime to accrue some
vacation for when our daughter was finally to be born we decided to hire Rudi immediately.

Within two visits our property was transformed! My husband and I had never seemed to have the time to attend to the small details of our yard maintenance but with Rudi’s professional touch our yard looks better than ever. It was so wonderful looking at our property each day knowing that we could spend the day together, as a family, enjoying our beautiful yard instead of having a running list in our heads of to dos, worries, and chores.

When our daughter turned 5 weeks old we started to think that perhaps we could start maintaining our own yard again when my husband developed appendicitis and had to have emergency abdominal surgery! There we were, both not able to lift more than 10lbs, push, or pull anything — thank goodness for Rudi. One quick email to let him know our circumstances and his faithful services continued.

Rudi and Kerry’s professional and friendly manner make them a pleasure to deal with. Their services, while being efficient, are also safety focused which is a relief with a three year old who is always wanting to chat with her friend Rudi. My husband and I have also drawn on Rudi’s expertise to get tips and questions answered about our yard. If you are ever wondering what to give as a baby gift or a get well present – I would recommend Euro Yard Service!

Joel and Joanna Halliday

Spruce Grove

I just wanted to say that by all indications from my neighbour and friend who dropped by that you did a superbly AMAZING JOB!
If we ever leave again, know that I will be in touch. No hesitation or concerns whatsoever. Exceptional value for the money spent!

John Haunholter

Spruce Grove

We have finally solved our summer and winter outdoor maintenance needs with Euro Yard Service. Rudi has taken care of snow clearing, spring clean-up, lawn maintenance, and eaves trough cleaning for us in a reliable and professional manner. Rudi communicates well and carries out everything that he promises. We are thoroughly pleased with his services.

Esmond and Maureen Sanders


Rudi from Euro Yard Service had cut down several of my unwanted bushes on my property. I was very impressed with his service. He provided me good advice on what to do, honoured his competitive quote and followed up on his service to insure that I was satisfied with his work. I would highly recommend him.

Demetrios J. Kutsogiannis

Spruce Grove

To anyone who is looking for premium lawn care services I would highly recommend Euro Yard Service.
I have known Rudi for a few years, and you couldn’t ask for a more reliable, friendly and cheerful person to accommodate your lawn care needs.

Euro Yard Service has met my lawn care needs on many occasions and he really does take pride in what he does.

I would recommend Euro Yard Service for any small landscape services that you may require. To anyone that wants quality and superior service call Rudi for an appointment you won’t regret. If you would like confirmation on this matter please feel free to call me.

Patricia Parsons


Euro Yard Service has been tending to my yard maintenance for over a year now, and I have never been disappointed. This company has taught me tremendous tips and techniques such as not cutting the lawn too short due to the sun burning the lawn. This tip keeps my lawn looking healthy and beautiful.

Euro Yard Service is also great with detailed work. Creating a sharp clean edge on pathways and constantly cleaning up after any mess that was left behind.

I would thoroughly recommend Euro Yard Service to everyone who is in need of a great company who services lawns and snow removal! Thank you Euro Yard Service!

Nicole Johnston

Stony Plain

Wow! You have my vote & will tell everyone what great service we had, on the eve of our month with you … I hear you outside! Thx again Bev

Bev & Adam Fisher


We had contacted Euro Yard Service last fall to do some landscaping and re-sodding of the home we had just purchased. Right from the first contact we were impressed with his punctuality, professionalism and friendly manner. [Rudi’s] work ethic was phenomenal, the quoted price was the actual finished price and it was within the average prices we had received from comparable contractors. When he had completed the job there was no evidence that a truck load of dirt and sod had been manually transported through to the back yard. His integrity for doing a good job and doing it right, showed from start to finish. Several weeks later he checked to make sure we were still 100% satisfied. We have since received a handwritten Christmas card and just recently a customer ‘Appreciation Coupon’ with a package of flower seeds! We buy, fix-up and sell properties and in doing so have dealt with dozens of home renovation and trade contractors in the past. None can compare to Euro Yard Service’s standard of excellence. Rudi’s company has by far went above and beyond our expectations and has surpassed what is the norm for industry standard. It goes without saying that we will continue to use his services’s and recommend his company. Rudi and Euro Yard Service are to landscaping what Mike Holmes is to home renovating!

Karl & Maggie Sharp

Spruce Grove

I have been a long standing customer of Euro Yard Service. Rudi and his team have, without failure, delivered high quality and reliable service each and every day. When they committed to get the work done, it was done on time with the highest possibly quality.

His full service delivery has enabled our family to focus our resources on our commitment to work and other responsibilities, with out the dealing with weekly challenges of lawn care and showering snow when it is -30C.. duties.

This has also removed the worry about the care of our home during our winter and summer travel. I would without a moments thought recommend Euro Yard Service to care for your home and property.

R. J. (Bob) Cowie


We have contracted with Euro Yard Service for several years and found Rudi to be extremely reliable. Also, Rudi has a guarantee that is superior to any competitor. We highly recommend his company for your yard servicing needs; be it spring and summer care or snow removal in the winter.

Ken & Jan Ogston


I can only imagine how difficult this winter must be for you with the volume and frequency of snow we have received and how early it hit us this year. I noticed you were here quite late last night cleaning our driveway. I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your devotion to customer service and note how rare that is these days. I admire your work ethic and your professionalism

Bruce Koliger


Our backyard had been professionally landscaped before we purchased our home 4 years ago. Although it looked very nice at first, we discovered within a few years that whoever did the landscaping did not do a very good job preparing the one half of the yard for lawn. With each year, the lawn appeared increasingly unhealthy and dry, no matter how much we watered and fertilized it. There didn’t seem to be one area that was level either.

We discovered the reason was because the lawn was sod put directly on sand with virtually no topsoil or prepping in between. In addition, there was this hump in the center of the lawn area that, according to our neighbors, was put there deliberately for character. There was also an in-ground sandbox framed in with landscape stone that eventually became nothing more than an infested ant farm. The ants would take the sand and build hills around the outside perimeter of the sandbox.

We had enough, but didn’t know where to start. The idea of having to dig out the entire lawn and sand, plus haul it all away to who knows where, was just too much for us. I work full-time and my husband works out of town for long periods at a time. We are not that young anymore either so we knew it would take forever for us to get it done ourselves. We decided that it would be best to hire a professional who would have the experience, equipment and knowledge to repair this area properly. We found Euro Yard Service via the internet. I was impressed that Rudi came out to look at the area on the day we arranged, even though it was pouring rain outside.

His quote to do the job seemed reasonable and he and his crew started as soon as the weather improved. Within two and half days of a lot of digging, hauling, tilling, leveling, filling and laying sod, we were so pleased to have a completely level and beautiful lawn! Rudi and his crew did an excellent job to detail and were so tidy throughout! We are happy to recommend Euro Yard Service to anyone who needs yard work done as it will be done properly and professionally!

Anita & Gary Lacquement

Stony Plain

At 55 years of age and some health issues we were faced with the decision, “do we get help with things like snow removal and yard maintenance or do we sell, and start paying condo fees”.

We made the decision to get help. I am fortunate that I happened on a neighbour who was using Euro Yard Service and recommended them. I contacted Rudi to assist us with the 2011 winter season and I was more than pleased. Our relationship extended into the 2012 Spring season and we contracted with Rudi to do our Spring cleanup work.

I am a perfectionist and I have had several bad experiences with Fly by Night Spring clean up companies. The work has just never met my expectations.

I was happy to come home to my Spring cleanup work being completed by the Euro Yard Service Team and I was ecstatic. I could not believe the attention to detail in the work that was completed. I have a very large yard and it was immaculate. I literally could plant my flowers and sit back and enjoy our yard. There was not a leaf unturned, never mind to be found!

I would recommend Euro Yard Service for any of your yard maintenance needs. I look forward to my continued relationship with Rudi and his team of experts and more so continuing to enjoy the home we love, instead of paying condo fees.

Dean & Julie Imeson