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    Edmonton Lawn Mowing

    • Mulching
      Protect your trees and get neat flowerbeds. Edmonton Lawn Mowing can help you giving your property that super clean and neat look everyone envies. You can choose from a wide variety of bark chips or rocks. If you need advise we are there to guide you and give feedback.
    • Trim Trees, Bushes and Hedges
      From taking down smaller trees, minor tree pruning jobs, stump grinding, bush and hedge trimming. By request we can refer to a certified arborist.
    • Cleaning Eaves troughs/gutters
      Are your gutters a smaller cousin of your garden and have little trees growing in them? Even if your downspouts are clogged with gunk, leaves etc. – Edmonton Lawn Mowing will not leave before you know the next rain will be no challenge for your gutters anymore. All you need is a working outside water tap…and we’re up for the game.
    • Garbage Removal (small amounts)
      Sometimes Edmonton Lawn Mowing end up having stuff we no longer need or a renter moves out leaving personal belongings behind. Whatever it might be…we would love assisting you getting rid of junk. This is a service on a rather smaller level but we may assist finding someone dealing with bigger projects.

    Lawn Care

    • Edmonton Lawn Mowing
      Whether you need a one time service or regular maintenance for the season, we can accomodate. Whenever appropriate we recommend mulch mowing. The tiny clippings left behind won’t be an eye sore but a natural fertilizer instead. It also reduces waste going to the dump. Most common is a weekly service. Custom schedules can be arranged.
    • Spring/Fall Cleanup
      Give your yard a head start with a professional yard cleanup in the spring or fall. Whether it’s just a simple leaf cleanup or the full meal deal with power raking, aerating, power lawn edging, and fertilizing…no job is too big or small. And YES, we do sterilize all equipment before we go into the next yard. This way you do not have to worry about pesky fairy rings or any other intruder.
    • Aeration
      Aeration is recommended in late September but commonly combined with a spring cleanup in most cases. It improves the oxygen level and compaction of the soil system. If combined with power raking we will aerate before power raking. The soil plugs will remain on the lawn and will break down quickly. If requested we can rake them up and dispose. Aeration is most beneficial with a moist soil. If it’s too dry, the soil is too hard for the cores to penetrate the ground. You will also need to have your sprinkler heads flagged prior to this service.

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    Edmonton Lawn Mowing



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    “When we bought our house in the spring time, we had no idea how bad our lawn was going to be. The previous owners had let every type of weed grow everywhere, grass go unmowed, and dead spots go un-repaired. New to lawn care, we had no idea how to even start on such a seemingly insurmountable task. After trying different weed killers and seeding, I decided to call Rudi. He gave me two options on how to best fix my lawn depending on our wants and needs. We decided on the option of topdressing with compost and topseeding.Then he set to work and within a few short months, our lawn was transformed. I can not believe how good our lawn looks now! He is fast and efficient and his work speaks for itself. I would recommend him to anyone in need of any type of yard maintenance.”
    Angela and Trey Das, Edmonton
    “At 55 years of age and some health issues we were faced with the decision, “do we get help with things like snow removal and yard maintenance or do we sell, and start paying condo fees”.We made the decision to get help. I am fortunate that I happened on a neighbour who was using Euro Yard Service and recommended them. I contacted Rudi to assist us with the 2011 winter season and I was more than pleased. Our relationship extended into the 2012 Spring season and we contracted with Rudi to do our Spring cleanup work.I am a perfectionist and I have had several bad experiences with Fly by Night Spring clean up companies. The work has just never met my expectations.I was happy to come home to my Spring cleanup work being completed by the Euro Yard Service Team and I was ecstatic. I could not believe the attention to detail in the work that was completed. I have a very large yard and it was immaculate. I literally could plant my flowers and sit back and enjoy our yard. There was not a leaf unturned, never mind to be found!I would recommend Euro Yard Service for any of your yard maintenance needs. I look forward to my continued relationship with Rudi and his team of experts and more so continuing to enjoy the home we love, instead of paying condo fees.
    Dean and Julie Imeson, Edmonton

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    Edmonton Lawn Mowing


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