Aeration and Overseeding

At Euro Yard Services we are proud to offer aeration and overseeding services in the Edmonton area. The most economical way to do overseeding is through aeration and this is because we need seed to soil contact to have proper and maximum germination results. Proper germination can help achieve a thick lush green lawn. At Euro Yard Service we do not just offer any aeration, we provide our clients with a triple pass aeration system. This means we go over your entire lawn 3 times making sure you have a good amount of dirt plugs sitting on your lawn because this is where the seeds will fall into and grab onto the dirt plugs.

Although your lawn may not look pretty after we have completed our work, it is the most economical way of having good success with overseeding. After we complete our triple aeration pass, we put down quality seeds which are a mix of Kentucky bluegrass, perennial rye, and fine fescue which will match the existing turf.

If you have a sparse lawn that needs some tender loving care from the lawn care experts at Euro Yard Service, then give us a call at 780-218-8134.

Topdressing and Overseeding a Lawn

Once we cut the lawn very short to 1 and a half inches, we apply a layer of top dressing which is a topsoil compost mix that is very thin and disappears into the turf canopy. We also apply premium grass seeds and tackifiers to bare sports on the lawn where seeds are exposed to the elements. The job of the tackifier is to glue down the seeds to the soil and preventing them to wash off with a downpour of rain or from regular watering of your lawn. We also install irrigation and sprinkler systems, so you never have to worry about watering your lawn yourself.

In about 3-4 weeks you will start to see maximum germination results when all the different grass plants are germinated which will result in a lush green lawn. At Euro Yard Services we can answer any and all questions you have related to topdressing and overseeding your lawn.

What is Lawn Core Aeration?

In the fall months many homeowners call Euro Yard Services to have their lawn aerated but what does aeration actually mean? By its theoretical definition, aeration is a naturally occurring process of air exchange between the soil and surrounding atmosphere but practically speaking it is the process of mechanically removing up to 3-inch-long plugs of lawn and soil for your yard to improve natural soil aeration.

There are many types of machine and manual devices that pull out these plugs. Most lawn care companies either use a drum-type or a reciprocating machine. Most likely if you rent these machines you will most likely receive a drum-type aerator and it is important to note that these machines are very heavy and getting them in and out of your vehicle may be challenging.

As the machine removes the dirt plugs you will notice your lawn looks like it is covered in dog poop but do not worry because in a few weeks they will begin to break apart and disappear into the lawn returning the nutrients back into the soil. Aeration is very beneficial for your lawn as it opens up the soil system to allow for better drainage, fertilizer uptake, and exchange of nutrients in the root zone.

Why is Aeration Necessary?

Compact soil prevent grass from establishing a healthy root system and keeps water and fertilizer from reaching the roots. Walking, playing, and mowing will compact soil and stress lawns over time. Rain and irrigation further compact the soil reducing air spaces where roots readily grow. Compaction is greatest in the upper 1 to 1 and a half inches of soil.

Aeration can help relieve soil compaction allowing your grass to grow deeper roots and make better use of water in fertilizer. Typical home lawns are benefiting from aeration once per year during either the spring or fall seasons. Older lawns or lawns with heavy and frequent traffic may need a second application. Contact Euro Yard Services today and we can answer all your aeration question or call to book us for a variety of lawn care services at 780-218-8134.

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