7 Easy Tips for a Complete Lawn Fall Cleanup in Spruce Grove

Lawn care and maintenance are permanent concerns for all Spruce Grove homeowners wanting to have true Greens of Paradise on their properties. Fall Cleanup in Spruce Grove makes no exception: while nature turns our surroundings in brilliant, surrealist colours, scents and hums, you still need to take some proper measures throughout fall to make sure your property is ready to face the colder season. Giving your lawn some extra attention now will put your mind at ease that it will be off to a great start next spring. Today, our lawn care Spruce Grove experts are here to offer us some quick and easy tips to implement this fall.

1. Soil Testing

If you tested the soil in early spring, you know the drill: you have to call your lawn care Spruce Grove specialists to perform a thorough soil test when doing a fall cleanup in Spruce Grove. You need to learn the current pH levels, the soil’s needs of fertilization, drought-induced problems, and drainage problems and so on. Depending on these results, you will make further steps to prep the soil for the winter months ahead.

2. Aeration

You did it once in spring, maybe, but now is the perfect time to aerate. If the soil has nutrients deficiencies, aeration lets the substances reach deep to the roots’ systems. Also, sun, air and water will be better absorbed and stored for the next months. Consider a day after a rainfall for aeration or water your lawn the day before to get the best results. Also remember to let the soil plugs remain on the lawn so they can break down over time and go back into the soil system.

3. Topdressing

Applying a thin layer of topsoil or compost onto the lawn for your fall cleanup in Spruce Grove is called topdressing. The best resource is your local landscaping supply center. Apply no more than 1/4 inch so you don’t choke out the turfgrass. The fresh soil will also fall into the punched holes from aeration providing valuable nutrients right at the root level. If you put down compost instead of topsoil there’s no need for extra fertilizer later on. Compost has the potential to cause your lawn coming out of winter with a vibrant and solid green colour instead of dead and brown looking. If you wanna go all out you also request the soil analysis of the compost from the supplier so you know what you’re putting down.

4. Overseeding

Foot traffic, scorching heat and even pests can lead to the formation of bare spots here and there all over the lawn. Properly overseed the lawn and water the areas accordingly. If you fall under local water consumption regulations, make sure you also follow them correctly. Keep people, children and pets away from the seeded areas until the new grass is about 3 inches tall. If you overseed in late fall the seeds will germinate next spring. Apply a starter fertilizer right after seeding to promote root growth.

5. Keep on Mowing

Continue to water and mow your lawn, as needed, throughout the fall. Then as the season draws to a close in October, drop the mower’s blade to about 2 inches for the last two cuttings of the year. As you lower the blade, just remember not to trim off more than one-third of the grass blades at any one time. If necessary, gradually lower the cutting height until the time of the final two cuttings.

6. Everyone’s favourite…Leaf cleanup

If you don’t like raking leaves, this one may be for you: As you keep mowing the lawn until snow or frost arrives you very well may mulch the leaves on the lawn so they get chopped up into small particles and fall in between the grass canopy. Best mulching results are achieved when mowing frequently and in dry conditions. Benefits of mulching leaves are…Less time consuming, returning nutrients and organic matter to the soil, less landfill waste, less bag usage, and less transportation costs are just a few. However, if you have really wet conditions in the fall you may still need to rake some leaves. Leaving a dense and soggy layer of leaves on your turf for more than 4 days can literally suffocate the lawn. When you bag any excessive amounts of leaves off the lawn consider using appropriate quantities for your garden compost, garden beds and even put some extra piles for small animals as a shelter.

7. Fall Fertilizer…a kickstart for your lawn next spring

A fall application of fertilizer delivers essential nutrients for the grass to grow deep roots now and to keep nutrients on reserve for a healthy start next spring.
Wait until mid-to-late fall, then apply a granular lawn fertilizer to all grassy areas; be careful not to miss any spots. You could use a crank-style broadcast spreader, but for optimum coverage, consider using a walk-behind drop or broadcast spreader as it applies an even, consistent layer of fertilizer.

Here’s a tip if you are considering doing winterization yourself: If you’ve used a starter fertilizer after overseeding only use half of the recommended application rate of a fall fertilizer. Most hardware stores stock fertilizer labelled as “fall fertilizer” or “winter fertilizer”. I recommend you pick a product with the first number (that’s Nitrogen) to be below 20 as we’re not trying to boost lawn growth excessively at this time of year. You can also ask your lawn care specialist for an organic fertilizer product.

Now you may ask yourself…Can I do a Fall Cleanup myself?

Of course…You can do all these steps yourself. Go get all the needed power tools from a local equipment rental, haul them home, and then figure out on how to operate them. Let me tell you…some of those machines are extremely heavy and cumbersome to manoeuvre around your yard. Also there’s the potential to seriously injure yourself or to totally rip up and destroy your lawn.
If you want to spare yourself from disaster and a ruined weekend I strongly suggest you find a reputable, local lawn care company for your fall cleanup in Spruce Grove. They provide you with the best possible results on your lawn fall cleanup. They will also guarantee their work to give you total peace of mind.

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